Leslie (4/14/18)

Hi Brad, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again.  We all had a wonderful party yesterday and you were certainly a huge part of that.  Everything was fantastic and you definitely exceeded our expectations.  I received so many compliments today on the DJ, just a great job!!!  Thank you so much for making our party such a big success.   Leslie

Hayley & Chris (8/10/19)

Dear Brad, It was such a special treat to work with you at Hayley and Chris’ wedding.  You were so professional and gracious to all their guests.  You kept everyone dancing throughout the night.  I’d wholeheartedly recommend your services to all my future brides.  Thank you for making my job so much easier.  I look forward to working with you again soon.  Respectfully, Mary Anne Knox MAK Events, Inc.

Andrea & Steven (7/20/19)

Hi Brad.  Thank you again.  We were so happy to refer you to Laura and we’re so glad it worked out so well!!  I still rave about you to people and will definitely keep you in mind when someone is in need of a DJ.  You truly helped make our wedding so amazing and we will always be so grateful to you for that.  You are so incredible and we were lucky to have you DJ our wedding!!  We wish you all the best and will keep sending people your way!  Sincerely, Andrea &Steven

Nora & Alex (9/14/19)

Hi Brad.  Great job!!!  We got so many compliments from our guests regarding you and what a great time they had at our wedding.  Everything went so smoothly and we all had such so much FUN!  The pace was good and no one felt bored at any time.  Several friends asked us how many times we rehearsed.  They didn’t believe it was a one shot.  And we loved the music you added to our own lists.  I even heard songs that I had intended to add to the list, but didn’t have a chance to.  Alex and I hope we can have you again and again for our big days in the future.  Thank you, Nora & Alex

Noelle & Ted (6/29/19)

Dear Brad, our wedding this past Saturday couldn’t have gone better, and YOU were amazing!  You really kept the night moving and I loved your song choices throughout our time on the boat.  I had a blast (as you probably saw) on the dance floor with all our family and friends.  We cannot thank you enough for ensuring everything went smoothly and making it so everyone had a great time.  We were and continue to be thoroughly impressed with you work and utmost professionalism.  It was a wonderful night that we won’t forget!  Thanks again Brad!  Sincerely, Noelle & Ted

Ghazwa & Nasser (6/15/19)

Hi Brad.  Nasser and I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job that you did for us!!  We had such a wonderful wedding and everyone commented on how much they loved our music and how masterfully you handled the entire evening.  We truly appreciate your professionalism and everything you have done for us.  Best regards, Ghazwa & Nasser

Shani & Yodai (9/28/19)

Thank you so much Brad for DJ-ing at our wedding.  Everything went so smoothly and we got so many compliments about you from all of the guests.  They were saying exactly what I said about you when I went to Tina’s wedding – how you play all the right music at the right times and how much fun you bring to the evening.  Everything was so tailored to our tastes.  You really listened to what we wanted to convey to our family and friends.  Thank you for working so hard from morning ‘til night.  You really made it very special for us.  You took great care of us the whole day and we really felt that we had nothing to worry about because we knew you were there for us.  The ceremony was so beautiful and thank you for recommending the Forrest Gump song.  I loved it.  And of course the reception was amazing.  Everyone was having such a good time and you really helped keep the energy going.  I can’t say enough good things about you.  I’m just so glad that you were our DJ.  You’re the best!!  Thank you so much!  Shani & Yodai

Rachel & Jeremy (6/1/19)

Hi Brad!!!  I want to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU for helping to create such a wonderfully celebratory, fun and inviting environment for our guests via the music.  We got so many comments from people saying it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to.  They knew so much of the music as it covered a wide range of ages, touching on everyone’s tastes.  A lot of them mentioned that they didn’t usually dance as much at weddings as they did at ours.  So THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Also, during the ceremony you nailed it with helping me select just the right music for the Rabbi, Jeremy and his brothers to walk down to.  And I say how much it meant to me that you cared about getting the specific part of the song for me to enter to and for us to circle one another.  It really speaks to how much heart and soul you put into helping couples create incredibly special days for them and their guests.  All our gratitude, Rachel & Jeremy

Olga (11/18/17)

Dear Brad, we were very lucky to have you for my daughter Katie and Igor’s wedding on May 27th, 2016 at La Venta Inn.  Now my other daughter, Katie’s twin sister, Daria is engaged to William Kessler.  The wedding will be on January 20, 2018 and we would be honored to have you as our DJ again.  Fingers crossed, Olga

Dawn & Michael (8/17/19)

Hi Brad, just wanted to say thank you again for making our Anniversary party a huge success!  Everyone had a great time!  As always, you kept the party moving, upbeat and fun with dancing throughout the night.  Thanks for setting the tone with class and style.  Sincerely, Dawn & Michael

Laura & Tom (7/13/19)

Hey Brad, I’ve gotten lots of great feedback about you from so many of my guests.  Thank you again.  Everyone was really impressed with how you seamlessly transitioned from one phase of the evening to the next.  The night flew by because everyone was having such a great time and that’s a testament to your talents as a top DJ and Emcee.  I’m sure that’s why I keep hearing that you’re the “best wedding DJ ever!!!”  With great appreciation, Laura & Tom

Julie & Sean (9/7/19)

Hi Brad, we want to thank you for making our wedding a magical evening.  The whole night – from the Caribbean atmosphere to the ceremony songs and all your help with the big surprise, the family dances, food table trivia, our first dance and the packed dance floor.  Everything was perfect!  We can’t thank you enough.  Sincerely, Julie & Sean

Brian (12/31/19)

Dear Brad, I wanted to thank you again for the other night!  I appreciate what you do so much!  We’ve been so lucky to have you for our New Year’s Eve celebrations on so many occasions.  You always bring your “A Game”.  We have friends talking about what a fun time they had throughout the following year.  Thank you for being the ultimate pro that you are.  You’re the best of the best!  Brian (Trips – Destination Events)

Kevin (In-N-Out Burger)(8/11/18)

Hey Brad!!!  Thanks so much for once again being such a huge part of a great event – this time for our Cerritos store.  I continue to hear great things from everyone who attended our Smiles party and I even got to see video of the associates all dancing up a storm!  I look forward to working with you again and again at our future events!  Kevin Bedoya (Event Administrative Coordinator – In-N-Out Burger)

Jessica, Kin & Grace (10/25/19)

Hi Brad.  We just wanted to thank you and tell you what a great job you did for my parents dual Birthdays.  Both my parents and I were so happy and pleased with the job that you did from start to finish.  Many of the guests also commented on what a great DJ you are, how great the music was and how funny and clever you are!  Not only did we all love the music (which kept people dancing all night long!), we also especially loved your clever introductions and intro music pieces along with your quick/witty responses during the speeches!  You not only met, but exceeded all our expectations and you were integral to the success of the party.  From now on, if anyone I know needs a DJ/Emcee, I will definitely be referring them to you.  It was so nice discussing our details with you.  Your attention to detail is incredible.  I’m just really grateful that the staff at FantaSea introduced me to you.  Thank you thank you thank you so so so much again for making the party so enjoyable for my family and all of our guests! I sincerely hope we get a chance to do another event together in the future.  You’re the best!  Sincerely, Jessica, Kin and Grace

Andrea & Steven (7/14/18)

Dear Brad, Steven and I want to thank you so much for making our wedding day so amazing!  You were absolutely incredible.  Everything ran so smoothly.  You were so organized, which was a tremendous help.  And you made the party so fun!!!  We have received so many compliments about you from our guests.  We were so thrilled with all you did.  The sound bites were hysterical and your attention to detail was amazing.  The Greek music you played when my Dad walked out for his toast was one of the highlights of the night.  We cannot thank you enough for all that you did.  We tell everyone what an amazing DJ we had.  And we are so happy that my coworker booked you for her wedding.  We will definitely continue to spread the word about your phenomenal work.  Thanks for being so helpful, so kind and helping us put on an incredibly fun party!  Lots of love, Andrea and Steven

Ronnie (11/3/18)

Brad, you did a truly amazing job!  I never knew how much work went into what you do!  Thank you again, Ronnie

Ekaterina & Igor (5/27/16)

Dear Brad, Thank you so much for being our DJ at our wedding and for your enthusiasm for the job!  We really appreciate it!  Your professionalism and music made our wedding incredibly special.  Ekaterina and Igor

Lynne & Pierre (5/18/19)

Brad, thank you so much for helping make our 50th Birthday bash a real blast!  We look forward to working with you on our next event.  Sincerely, Lynne & Pierre

Regina & Kevin (2/2/20)

Dear Brad, we would like to thank you very much for making our special day AMAZING!  Your sound bites and killer beats were perfect for the party and we couldn’t be happier with all your help.  You are a true professional and we are so grateful that you were there to make our wedding such a tremendous success.  Sincerely, Regina & Kevin

Patricia & Andy (4/20/19)

Brad, thank you for your good humor and wonderful suggestions.  You made our wedding so incredibly memorable!  We won’t forget all you did for us… neither will our family and friends.  They’re still raving about it!  Our gratitude, Patricia & Andy

Pam & Joe (5/4/19)

Dear Brad, we really appreciate the time, effort, talent and heart you put into making Lauren’s and Chris’ Wedding day so special.  Thank you for your patience in explaining the parts of the service and the rest of the event to me.  It was fun getting to know you Brad!  Continued success to you, Pam & Joe

Tricia & J.J. (6/16/18)

Dear Brad, thank you so much for being our DJ for our wedding.  You definitely made it a party and everyone enjoyed it.  We appreciate all your expertise and cannot thank you enough for being a big part of our special day.  Love, Tricia & J.J.

Renee & Jack McCartney (1/21/17)

DJ Brad, well what can we say?  You are an amazing DJ and personality.  You made our wedding exactly the way we wanted it.  Your high energy and great taste in music is just simply the best!  You are really great to work with as it was an absolute pleasure.  Much love, Renee & Jack McCartney

Laura & Chris (8/27/16)

Dear Brad, Thank You so much for the exceptionally fun time you showed all of us at our wedding.  You and your music rocked the house!!!  Laura & Chris   

Diane & Tim (3/10/18)

Dear Brad, Thank you so much for the great job you did for us.  You kept the whole evening moving in the perfect direction.  Everyone had such a fantastic time.  We’ve never had so much fun at a wedding.  Thank you again,  Diane & Tim

Lori & Jeff (6/24/17)

Dear Brad, Thank you for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding!  We had such a great time.  You set such a light and fun tone throughout.  Everyone complimented us on the music.  You really knew how to pick the songs that everyone enjoyed and how to keep the party going.   Many of our friends asked for your information.  If we ever have a need for a DJ/Emcee again, we will call you and we’ll definitely continue to recommend you.  With thanks,  Jeff & Lori

Aurelie & Ricky (6/18/16)

Dear Brad, We can’t thank you enough for making our special day so incredibly special.  You made our wedding everything we knew it could be and then some!  Sincerely, Aurelie, Ricky & Baby Mason

Leah & Les (3/11/09)

Dear Brad, we honestly are not surprised that you’re constantly Djing.  You have made this process so easy for us.  Your level of professionalism shines through in every regard and we just couldn’t be more pleased with our awesome choice of DJ and M.C. for our wedding.  Thank you for all your energy, hard work and keeping the dance floor in full swing throughout!  Leah & Les

Karen & Nico (8/11/12)

Dear Brad, Nico & I would like to o extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to you for the absolutely fabulous evening you provided for us on August 13th aboard the Fantasea yachts ship, the Dandeana.  Your professionalism and experience, along with your charming personality allowed for a wedding day we and all who attended will fondly remember.  You did exactly what we wanted and you played just the right mixes to keep everyone dancing all night long.  You are amazing!!!  Sincerely, Karen & Nico Arnold

Chi Ma – Pepperdine Student Bar Assoc. (7/24/11)

Dear Brad, thank you so much for your tremendous work with our “Barrister’s Ball!”
I have heard nothing but rave reviews about you!  We look forward to working with you again in the future!  Best regards, Chi Ma & The Pepperdine Student Bar Association

Sanaz & Richard (8/22/04)

Dear Brad, thank you for making this the greatest celebration ever.
You did everything perfect!  We really appreciate your expertise in every facet of our wedding.  Thank you,  Sanaz & Richard Cordes

Gina & Dick (7/4/10)

Dear Brad, thank you so much for your amazing music and personality on our special day.  You made the whole evening come alive and exceeded our very high expectations.  With love, Gina & Dick.   (July 4th, 2004)

Shannon & Jake (6/13/15)

Dear Brad, thank you so much for being such an awesome DJ!  Everyone had such a great time.  So many people personally told me how great you were.  Thanks again for making our wedding so fantastic.  With love & thanks,  Shannon & Jake Jacobs

Ann & John (10/25/99)

Hi Brad.  My family from Holland left and I finally have time to thank you again for the great music and entertainment you provided for our 50th anniversary.  Everybody gave you and the rest of the crew lots of compliments.  Several of our friends asked for your number for future events.  We hope to see you at one of their parties soon.  Our warmest gratitude, Ann & John Steeneken

Tina & Paul (2/14/16)

Brad, thanks a million for making everything go so smoothly and going with the flow.  We’re so glad we chose you to head up our wedding day.  Let’s keep in touch as we consider you our new friend.  Tina & Paul Fontaine

MiYeon & Michael (7/11/07)

Brad, thank you for all of your hard work to ensure that our wedding was such a memorable time in our lives.  You really made it so festive and special in every way.  God Bless.  MiYeon & Michael Mariett

Sue – Sue McClure Tours (12/4/15)

Dear Brad, Julio tells me that you were the single biggest reason the party on Saturday night was a SMASHING success!  He and I just got off the phone and he told me that in the future, he is going to call you for ALL of his functions  when he needs a “Music Man”!!!  You did a spectacular job, Brad, and Ewing will be sending you lots of future business as wur hell.  You have a relationship with them now.  I am so thrilled for you!!!  Congratulations to you, my friend!  Love, Sue (Sue McClure Tours)

Elizabeth & Paul (6/3/17)

Dear Brad, words alone cannot express what fun we had.  Thank you for a brilliant time!  Everyone’s still raving about it and you.  We loved every minute of it and appreciate your expertise and patience.  Elizabeth & Paul

Peggy & Nick (10/15/16)

Brad, thanks so much for providing the “soundtrack” to our reception!  You were fantastic!  We’re also very grateful for your thoughtful guidance and patience throughout the planning process and we couldn’t asked for a better DJ.  Thank you again, Peggy & Nick

Thy & Cory (6/17/17)

Dear Brad, we would like to thank you again for doing such an amazing job the night of our wedding.  Our guests loved the music and kept saying it was the best wedding ever!  We truly have you to thank for that!!!  Thy & Cory Haralson

Amy & Ruben (7/7/07)

To the best DJ on the planet!  Thank you Brad,  for being such a pleasure to work with.  You were so thorough and orchestrated our celebration with ease and perfection.  Ruben and I are so happy with how our wedding day turned out.  Thank you for being such a big part of it.  With much appreciation, The Prietos (Amy & Ruben)

Mallory & John (5/6/17)

Dear Brad, thank you from all of our frends and family for being the best DJ ever!  You were awesome and everyone is still saying how great you were.  In fact, my brother-in-law called for your number for a co-worker with an upcoming wedding.  Thank you also for your patience with us and your prompt responses to my messages.  Thank you again for making our wedding so special.  We do so hope that the occasion comes up where I can call you.  The night was so well orchestrated by you.  With deep appreciation, Mallory and John Rios

Christine & Jerry (2/12/11)

Dear Brad, thank you for a wonderful job well done!  Jerry and I were extremely happy with everything.  It was a blast, just as you promised.  Sincerely, Jerry & Christine Lai

Jason & Doug (4/17/10)

Dear Brad, thank you so much for making Doug’s and my day so incredibly special.
And oh what fun!!!  Thank you for doing such a great job and giving everyone who attended such wonderful memories to take away.  Sincerely, Doug & Jason

Steph & John (8/11/12)

Dear Brad, thank you again for the wonderful job you did at our wedding.  You were great!  In fact, everyone is still talking about how great the DJ & the music was.  We will definitely keep you in mind for our next celebration.  All our best, Steph & John Bradley

Jodi & Jeremy (6/9/12)

Dear Brad, you Rule!  Thank you for making our wedding a blast!  We couldn’t be happier to have met you and have you be a big part of our special day.  Thank you!  Jodi & Jeremy Vandenbroek

Sabrina – Pepperdine Law School (11/18/11)

Dear Brad, thank you so much for DJ’ing our party the other night.  The music was perfect.  People had such a fun night dancing.  They all had a fabulous time and haven’t stopped talking about what a fantastic job you did.  Thanks again,  Sabrina

Leslie & Chris (12/17/11)

Dear Brad, you rock!  We hope you have a great holiday and New Year.  Thank you for your expertise at our wedding.  You were absolutely wonderful.  You are awesome!  Love, Leslie & Chris

Laura & Chris (8/28/12)

Dear Brad, allow us to take this opportunity to thank you for being the most fabulous disk jockey ever.  You made our special day so unforgettable in so many ways.  First, you took the time prior to our wedding day to accommodate all of our needs and the music was exactly what we wanted.  Second, you were also very professional and respectful to us and to every guest at our wedding.  Third, you enabled all of our friends and family to join in the festive evening with lively and fun music.  There were several points in the evening when not one person was in their chairs as absolutely everyone was on the dance floor.  Finally, you have been so agreeable to work with.  As with any couple, planning a wedding can potentially be a stressful event, but you made sure that we had nothing to worry about and the night went off without a hitch.  Events such as our First Dance, the bouquet toss and the cake cutting were perfectly timed with the music.  You were awesome.  You are the best!  Sincerely, Laura & Chris Holmes

Christine – Delta Epsilon Phi (5/21/11)

Dear Brad, Delta Epsilon Phi thanks you!  You were great!  Thank you so much!  You are awesome!  Everyone had a great time and loved all the music and your sound effects.  Thanks for your stellar service and your help with every aspect of our party.  We will definitely keep you in mind for future events!  Christine Murphy

Kim & Colin (1/28/12)

Dear Brad, thank you so very much for being the most awesome DJ ever.  Your personality lit up the guests and we appreciate it so much!  Kim & Colin

Laurel & Mark (10/30/09)

Dear Brad, we just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with our wedding celebration!  People are still talking about it… including the “Psycho” music you played for our crazy Aunt Patti!  We had such a fabulous time and so did all of our guests!  Thank you for making our event so fun and memorable.  You are the ultimate DJ!  All the best, Laurel & Mark

Tina & Paul (8/13/04)

Brad, once again, we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on making our wedding day extra, extra special.  We must keep in touch.  Tina & Paul

Christine & Chris (10/8/11)

Dear Brad, well it certainly was a pleasure to have such an awesome DJ.  Great Job!!!  We all loved you and had a great time!  Much Love, Chris & Christine

Sammy & Duane (4/21/12)

Dear Brad, you were so great!!!  Thank you so much for DJ’ing at our wedding.  You were definitely a huge hit.  My sister said that on more than one occasion she caught herself singing and noticed everyone at her table singing along with the music even before the open dancing started.  Friends have also commented  on how “great” you and the music were.  Thought I would pass that along.  On a personal note, you were very helpful and attentive throughout the preparation and at the wedding of course.  I kept getting you to change your schedule and you were so gracious about it.  I really appreciate your flexibility.  Also, “Annie’s Song” & Elvis did not go unnoticed.  Thanks so much!  Duane and I had a wonderful time and were singing and dancing all night.  We will recommend you to all our friends and family.  We can’t thank you enough!!!  Sammy & Duane Ginger

Shayne & Scott (7/23/11)

Dear Brad, thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so memorable and special.  Many thanks!  Scott & Shayne

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