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Hi Brad!!!  I want to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU for helping to create such a wonderfully celebratory, fun and inviting environment for our guests via the music.  We got so many comments from people saying it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to.  They knew so much of the music as it covered a wide range of ages, touching on everyone’s tastes.  A lot of them mentioned that they didn’t usually dance as much at weddings as they did at ours.  So THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Also, during the ceremony you nailed it with helping me select just the right music for the Rabbi, Jeremy and his brothers to walk down to.  And I say how much it meant to me that you cared about getting the specific part of the song for me to enter to and for us to circle one another.  It really speaks to how much heart and soul you put into helping couples create incredibly special days for them and their guests.  All our gratitude, Rachel & Jeremy

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